818 Blanco Tequila Review – Is Kendall Jenner’s Tequila Good?

818 Tequila Review

818 blanco tequila review – I have been waiting since what feels like the dawn of time to get myself a bottle of Kendall Jenner’s 818 Tequila. I’ve prided myself on having never purchased influencer products as they are typically underwhelming and overpriced, but here we are, and thankfully the opportunity to review 818 Tequila … Read more

Review of Wild Turkey Longbranch Bourbon

Wild Turkey Longbranch Bourbon is made with a blend of six different types of Kentucky corn, as well as wheat and malted barley that’s been aged between four and 10 years in white oak barrels. A small-batch product, Wild Turkey Longbranch Bourbon contains 80 proof alcohol by volume and comes in at around $26 per … Read more

Best Hard Kombucha Brands – Juneshine, Flying Embers, & More

Best Hard Kombucha Brands

Whether you’re a new hard kombucha drinker or an old hand, we’ve gathered the best hard kombucha brands on one tasty page.  Hard kombucha is one of the newer “non-beers” you can find. Yet, this newcomer to the world of alcohol doesn’t back down for anyone. It’s brave, bold, and refreshing. Kombucha has numerous reported … Read more

Juneshine Kombucha Review – Is This Hard Kombucha Good?

Juneshine Kombucha Review

Whether you want a bit of a healthy buzz or you’re looking for an alternative to carb-heavy beer, Juneshine Kombucha is the hooch for you. This review breaks down what Juneshine hopes to achieve with selling their hard kombucha. We give you an analysis of the product’s ingredients and how it stacks up against other … Read more

Skatterbrain Peanut Butter Whiskey Review, Price & Taste Test

Skatterbrain stumbles into the flourishing peanut butter whiskey market with all the bravado and mischief its name suggests.  This peanut butter flavored whiskey rides on the coattails of those that came before however struggles to find itself a unique path.  That’s not to say it doesn’t try and have a bit of fun along the … Read more

Ole Smoky Peanut Butter Whiskey Review, Price & Taste Test

If you haven’t heard of Ole Smoky Peanut Butter Whiskey don’t be too hard on yourself, it all happened in a blink of an eye. This prestigious spirit exploded into the market boldly winning 10 international awards in its first year of distribution. It has already become a stock standard favorite for mixologists and bars … Read more

Sqrrl Peanut Butter Whiskey Review, Price & Taste Test

The alcohol landscape has seen a massive upsurge of flavored whiskey options, and a popular one is peanut butter whiskey.  Sqrrl Peanut Butter Whiskey has joined a plethora of nutty options and has quickly become a well-recognized label on the shelf.  For those looking to venture out to the sweeter side of whiskey, the options … Read more

Sheep Dog Peanut Butter Whiskey Review, Price & Taste Test

In a world led astray by manipulative marketers pushing unconventional flavor combinations, let Sheep Dog Peanut Butter Whiskey guide you back to reality. We know, peanut butter whiskey sounds strange but it’s a clever play on traditional whiskey tasting profiles. Some would say even closer to the sweet nuttiness of a bourbon. Sheep Dog Peanut … Read more

Vat 69 Review, Price & Taste Test

Connoisseur Whisky drinkers may have heard of VAT 69, as this Scotch blended whisky has been around since 1882.  At present, this budget-level whisky competes with first-class spirits, due to its smooth and light taste.  Many whisky drinkers tend to have a level of emotional engagement with this brand, as it has an impressive historical … Read more

Casamigos Mezcal Review, Price & Taste Test

If you enjoy great-tasting tequila, then you may be familiar with the Casamigos brand.  This brand is famous for belonging to the actor George Clooney. What makes this drink so good is that they make Casamigos Mezcal from 100% Espadín agave. The idea behind this drink was to provide a great-tasting Mezcal that also has … Read more

Casamigos Anejo Tequila Review, Price and Taste Test

Casamigos Anejo Tequila is a barrel-aged tequila. In 2013, George Clooney and some very rich partners in the luxury lifestyle business started the brand. The partners say on Casamigos’ website that they wanted to create the smoothest and best-tasting tequila to drink neat or with ice. They believe you shouldn’t have to hide the taste … Read more

Hennessy VSOP Review, Price & Taste Test

Hennessy is known for producing expensive, high-quality cognac. They aim to be consistent in each bottle that they produce to ensure that the taste is the same each year.  We will help you decide whether it is worth spending money on buying Hennessy’s well-known VSOP. We had the privilege to review the Hennessy VSOP and … Read more

Blue Chair Bay Rum – Is Kenny Chesney’s Rum Good?

Kenny Chesney is a veteran in the world of country music, with over 20 albums released. In 2013, he launched Blue Chair Bay Rum at the same time as his No Shoes Live Tour.  The number of flavors has expanded over the years. Besides the standard White Rum, nine other flavors are now available.  This … Read more