Review of Wild Turkey Longbranch Bourbon

Wild Turkey Longbranch Bourbon is made with a blend of six different types of Kentucky corn, as well as wheat and malted barley that’s been aged between four and 10 years in white oak barrels. A small-batch product, Wild Turkey Longbranch Bourbon contains 80 proof alcohol by volume and comes in at around $26 per bottle. One of the most affordable bourbons on the market, it’s a great choice for beginning drinkers who are interested in trying out several different types before committing to one brand.


The bottle is made out of glass, so it’s not particularly robust, but it does have a nice look to it. It has an amber tint to it with flecks of gold in there. When you hold up to light, you can see through the bottle, but only if there’s light behind you—it won’t shine through when sitting on a table in front of natural light.


The nose has a very rich scent to it, with hints of cherry and honey. It’s a robust scent that isn’t so bold as to be obnoxious. Overall, I would say that it smells well-balanced and refined for a cheaper bourbon. There is also quite a bit of pepper in here, but in a good way. The pepper gives just enough bite to really give you a sense that you’re drinking whiskey, which can be an issue with lower-tier bourbons sometimes.


This particular bottle of bourbon is a unique combination of spices and flavors that creates a smooth, nuanced taste. The whiskey has a strong caramel flavor on first sip, which mellows out as you continue to drink it. You’ll notice hints of vanilla and cloves after taking your first sip. As your bourbon sits in your mouth, you can expect to feel tingling sensations on your tongue, an experience commonly known as burn—though it doesn’t really burn much at all.


Although not as smooth as its cousin, Wild Turkey 101, I was pleasantly surprised by how well Longbranch held up in comparison. The bourbon is aged four years and features a light taste that goes down smoothly with just a hint of sweetness. It retails for $29 per 750ml bottle at most liquor stores, making it affordable enough to be enjoyed regularly even on a budget.

Key Takeaways – Conclusion

Wild Turkey Longbranch is an affordable bourbon with a strong oak flavor that pairs well with sodas or mixed drinks. I’d recommend it to bourbon enthusiasts who are looking for a different, less expensive product. But if you’re not too fussy about your bourbon, there are better budget options available, like Old Crow or Old Grand-Dad. Bottom line: If you’re looking for an affordable but quality-crafted product, Wild Turkey Longbranch is worth considering.