Best Whiskey Smoker Kit

On the hunt for a good whiskey smoker kit? There are many different types of smoking tools and kits available online to complete your very own bartending nook at home. Here are some of the best whiskey smoker brands we recommend.

How Does A Whiskey Smoker Work?

A whiskey (cocktail) smoker is a tool bartenders use to add smoke and a smokier flavor to a drink. There are different formats and set-ups, such as the smoking box, the smoking platform, and the smoking lid, but they all involve the use of a smoker gun and wood chips, where you put chips of combustible wood or sawdust into the device, ignite it, and allow the smoke to infuse your drink or dish, adding a distinct smokier flavor.

1. Brookstone Cocktail Smoker – Smoke Stack Kit 

Price: $79.99

Brookstone’s Smoke Stack Kit has everything you need to take your whiskey concoctions to a whole new level of flavor. With this kit, you won’t need to buy any additional equipment—it all comes as part of a set, which includes an oak smoke stack, rocks glass, infusing powder, and a butane torch, all very simple to use and brings effective results. Making it ideal for newbies in the craft.

Usage Instructions:

  1. Prepare your cocktail in the rocks glass.
  2. Place the cocktail smokestack on top of your glass.
  3. Add a small amount of infusing powder to the chimney stack.
  4. Using a butane torch to burn the infuser wood and allow the smoke to fall into the glass.
  5. Let it sit for 20-30 seconds (depending on the desired amount of smoke)
  6. Remove topper and serve.

2. Dome Cocktail Smoking Kit

Price: $114.99

Another smoking set from Brookstone, the Dome Cocktail Smoking Kit, is a trendy and stylish smoking kit that every aspiring bartender should have. Aside from its simple yet fancy aesthetic, it’s also relatively simple to use, with all the tools provided in the kit;  oak platform, smoking chips, dome lid, and a butane torch. It may be on the pricier side, but its quality definitely makes it worth the investment. 

Usage Instructions: 

1. Prepare your cocktail in the cocktail glass.

2. Put the cocktail glass on the oak platform with some smoking chips.

3. Ignite the smoking chips with the torch and immediately put the dome lid.

4. Let it sit for a few seconds to let the smoke infuse into the drink.

5. Remove the lid and serve. 

3. Glass Topper Whiskey Smoker

Price: $40.00

If you’re not fond of too many thingamajigs in your kitchen cabinets, the Glass Topper Cocktail Smoker is your buddy. This simple, affordable topper lets you whip up great-tasting cocktails in just minutes and lets you clean up easier and faster. The set includes an oak glass topper and cover, a mesh guard, a kitchen torch, and flavored smoking chips. 

Usage Instructions:

1. Whip up your preferred cocktail in the shot glass. 

2. Put the smoker on the cocktail glass.

3. Add the smoking chips and then cover them with the mesh guard. 

4. Light them up with the torch and then cover with the lid to let the smoke infuse.

5. Let it sit for a few seconds, and then remove the smoker. Serve. 

4. Breville Smoking Gun

Price: $99.95

Breville’s Smoking Gun isn’t your ordinary kitchen torch, as it uses cold smoke to Infuse your food and cocktails with classic smokehouse flavors. Cold smoke is gentle on foods so that you can smoke delicate foods like ice cream, butter, or cocktails, as well as meats and cheese. It also boasts a Dual Speed control switch feature that goes from gentle to intense smoke, according to your preference.

Usage Instructions:

1. Add the wood chips before igniting the smoking gun.

2. Activate and hover the smoking gun to any desired dish or cocktail. Adjust the intensity of the smoke to your preference. 

5. The Smoke Box Deluxe Drink Smoker System

Price: $319.95

If you’re aiming for a different touch of flavor and aroma in your cocktails, the Smoke Box Deluxe Drink Smoker System gives the exact edge that you need. Thanks to its stainless steel and high-quality glass build, the smoking box is designed to masterfully infuse smoke into cocktails and liquors and works well with any kind of alcohol, wood chips, and spices of your choice. You can also use it on any dish to give it a smoky flavor. 

Usage Instructions: 

1. Prepare your desired cocktail in any glass.

2. Place the glass inside the smoking box and close it. 

3. Load the smoking gun with the wood chips and activate it to infuse.

4. Let it sit for a few seconds, and then remove the glass from the box.

5. Serve. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are cocktail smokers safe and fire-proof?

The cocktail smokers are generally safe as long as you carefully follow the directions. Be sure to activate the smoker in a safe, well-ventilated environment, and make sure you put out any glowing or smoking wood chips before discarding them to prevent the risk of fires.

How long do cocktails smokers last?

A quality cocktail smoker should last a couple of years if you handle, clean, and store it properly. On the other hand, disposable cocktail smokers can last up to a hundred burns before becoming totally obsolete.

How long do the wood/smoking chips last?

The bag of wood chips that come with your kit should last you a few months, but it still depends on how often you use the smoking kit and the number of wood chips you get each time. So if possible, try to use only a small amount of chips whenever you fire up the smoker.

How do you maintain the smoker?

The manner of cleaning and maintenance depends on each brand. Normally cleaning these would just involve wiping away with a clean, damp cloth or a paper towel. Those who use mesh guards for the chips would have to replace them from time to time.