Monkey Shoulder Scotch Whisky Review, Price & Taste Test

Monkey Shoulder Scotch Whisky is not exactly the new kid on the block. Released in 2005, it only gained popularity in 2012.  Some say it’s not as great as other malts, while others fell in love on the first sip. It all comes down to preference.  This malt was created with the younger generation in … Read more

Vat 69 Review, Price & Taste Test

Connoisseur Whisky drinkers may have heard of VAT 69, as this Scotch blended whisky has been around since 1882.  At present, this budget-level whisky competes with first-class spirits, due to its smooth and light taste.  Many whisky drinkers tend to have a level of emotional engagement with this brand, as it has an impressive historical … Read more

Johnnie Walker Swing Whiskey Review, Price & Taste Test

Johnnie Walker Swing is one of the scotch giant’s lesser-known blends. In fact, odds are that if you’ve seen a bottle of Swing, you may not have even realized it was a Johnnie Walker blend. The bottle is instantly eye-catching, but you’re unlikely to find people who can talk about what it’s like inside. In … Read more

Johnnie Walker Gold Label Review, Price & Taste Test

What might you have in common with Winston Churchill and Richard Nixon? A love for Johnnie Walker, of course!  Johnnie Walker has served up amazing blends since the 1820s and continues to provide easily the most loved whiskies in the world.  Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve is often confused with the now discontinued Gold Label … Read more

Johnnie Walker Green Label Review, Price & Taste Test

Johnnie Walker Green Label

Johnnie Walker is world-renowned for its repertoire of color-coded whiskies. Today, we’ll look at one of their most elusive and confusing offers, Johnnie Walker Green Label. Like with all their labels, Green Label is a specially blended mix of grains and malts from all across the Scottish Isles. It’s a celebration of Scottish Whisky and … Read more

Johnnie Walker Double Black Review, Price & Taste Test

Johnnie Walker Double Black Label

Globally an iconic whiskey brand, Johnnie Walker continues to innovate and has introduced the Double Black as a level-up from its astounding twelve-year-old Black Label.  In this Johnnie Walker Double Black review (price & taste test), we will take a closer look at the new addition to this family.  The product is easily accessible online … Read more

Johnnie Walker Black Label Review, Price & Taste Test

Johnnie Walker Black Label

So you need some Johnnie Walker in your life? If you’re looking for an affordable whiskey, you’ve come to the right place.  There’s nothing better than the sophistication of a smooth liquor hitting your throat after a hard days’ work – purely for the reason that you deserve to be treated.  As whiskey enthusiasts, we’ve … Read more

Johnnie Walker Blue Label Review, Price & Taste Test

Johnnie Walker Blue Label

If you’re at all familiar with Johnnie Walker Blue Label, you’ll know that it’s tasty, expensive, and difficult to find. Even some of the most seasoned whisky drinkers haven’t had the opportunity to taste this illustrious blend. But if you’ve never tasted Blue Label, it’s a lot to ask to pay for an entire bottle … Read more

Johnnie Walker White Walker Review, Price & Taste Test

Johnnie Walker White Walker Review

The recent Johnnie Walker White Walker is a limited-edition Scotch whisky made in collaboration with the HBO hit series “Game of Thrones”.  In this review, we unpack everything you need to know about this whisky. Including detailed analysis of the production, taste, aroma, finish, and price. If you’re wondering whether this Johnnie Walker edition lives … Read more