Johnnie Walker Double Black Review, Price & Taste Test

Globally an iconic whiskey brand, Johnnie Walker continues to innovate and has introduced the Double Black as a level-up from its astounding twelve-year-old Black Label. 

In this Johnnie Walker Double Black review (price & taste test), we will take a closer look at the new addition to this family. 

The product is easily accessible online or in stores and retails on average from about $42 to $45. When compared to other brands that fall under the same umbrella, the price is fiercely competitive, which tells me the Johnnie Walker whiskey blenders do not doubt that the Double Black will live up to its expectations. 

Though we should add that it was surprising to see it priced slightly more than the classic Johnnie Walker Black Label. The 12-year-old statement on the Black Label alone leaves an impression, which left me thinking that to price it more could be a bit ambitious. 

It is believed that the loyal Johnnie Walker Black Label drinkers wanted something more out of the famous malt. Which left an opportunity for something new and fresh to be created by the oh so valuable master blenders. A skill few and far between making the trait highest in demand at the distilleries. 

So let’s dive right into a glass of the new Scotch and see what it has to offer on review. 

Overview of Johnnie Walker Double Black Whiskey

Johnnie Walker Double Black officially launched in 2011, exclusively in duty-free stores, but as sales rapidly grew, the proposal to expand the new product commercially was implemented. 

The new blend is well-balanced and has just the right amount of malt and grain to give the best of both worlds. This artistry was created by Master Blender Jim Beveridge who did not fail to disappoint. 

The blend is matured in old oak casks that are charred inside, acting as a filter to the aromas while leaving the smoky flavor to originate from the malt. 

Considering there is no age statement, we can assume that a variety of different years have been contributed to form this combination. With the young whiskey bringing life to the blend, and the old adding maturity. 

Be that as it may, one of the qualifications for it to pass as a Scotch is that it must be aged in oak casks for a minimum of three years. 

But it is suggested that we forget about the number and instead focus on the quality of the taste, as it already appears that the bar has indeed been raised.


  • Competitively priced
  • Pleasant for new whisky drinkers
  • Premium blend
  • Great for cocktails


  • A new product, so many opinions will be required to evaluate.
  • no age statement

Detailed Analysis

DOuble Black Taste Test

When doing a whiskey tasting key factors to consider would be the appearance, how it smells, tastes, and what experience it leaves behind. 

With this particular review, we would expect sophistication all around as the Johnnie Walker brand is renowned and has a great deal of worldly experience.

We would anticipate a premium look and feel.

On the nose, we will be looking out for new combinations contributing to either a delicate aroma or perhaps one that is sharp and intense.

The Palate refers to how well the ingredients blend. The process involved in developing the taste for a new whiskey is so delicate. Everything from brewing, to distillation, to barrels to the aging process all contributes to the overall taste.

The finish refers to the impression left after the tasting. That being was the experience pleasant, or harsh, or have they left room for improvement.


When poured into a whiskey tumbler, the Double Black is a gorgeous caramel color with a bit of a red tinge. 

As you swirl your glass, the thin layer of whiskey holds onto the sides of the glass true to form. The glass of Scotch has only just been poured and already this new addition has me trusting that the experience about to unfold is going to be worthwhile.


On the nose, you are welcomed with a combination of woody, sweet, smoky aromas accompanied by hints of vanilla and cloves. 

The aroma ignites the feeling of warmth, a welcomed invitation that lures the glass to your lips for the tasting.


As you take your first sip and hold it in your mouth for a few seconds, it is quite obvious that Jim Beveridgeas has done an outstanding job of fusing a well-measured blend of flavors. 

The combination of raisins, apples, and oranges has a beautiful, gentle, fruity taste with a kiss of vanilla. Yet at the same time, like a symphony orchestra, you will experience the peat. The peat is prominent in taste, yet not so much in smell.

On the second sip, the taste buds are experiencing a slight sweetness at first which later transforms into slight citrus bitterness at the back of the throat.

The combination of malt and grain is both smooth and pleasant on the palate. Making it a refreshing option for experienced drinkers, and an absolute must for beginner whiskey drinkers.

While it is suggested to drink your whiskey neat, the freedom to decide how to enjoy it is entirely yours. It has been noted that most beginners add a few drops of water to lighten the intensity a bit. 

Some add three cubes of ice per ounce of whiskey and call it perfection. And then we have the seasoned drinkers who would beg to differ on adding any water to the Scotch at all, it is to be enjoyed as is.


The blend is luxuriously smooth leaving the finish to be warm, with lingers of citrus and smokiness. It is recommended to drink your glass within 15 minutes of pouring it so that nothing about the full-bodied experience is lost.


The Johnnie Walker Double Black Label price is one a slight bump in price from the singular black version. You can find it for around $37 to $50 per bottle. 

The price progression for Johnnie Walker colors is as follows:


Johnnie Walker Double Black Logo

This is a well-rounded and good balanced whiskey. Rich in character making this blended Scotch, whiskey at its finest. 

Do we prefer the Johnnie Walker Double Black in comparison to its tried and tested older brother, the classic 12-year-old Black Label? Honestly, with this one, we’re on the cuff, both offering individuality. 

Will we buy the Johnnie Walker Double Black again? Absolutely! It is a drink so good it is to be enjoyed alone or shared at parties with friends and loved ones. 

We will without a doubt recommend the impressive Scotch to fellow whiskey drinkers!