Jura Journey Review, Price & Taste-Test

A delectable introduction to the Jura single malt comes in the Jura Journey Scottish whisky. This single malt whisky is sure to take you on a journey through the past, presence, and future of distillery art of the island of Jura in the inner Hebrides of Scotland.

Drenched in sweet honey-like vanilla notes that dance in your palate. The notes transform from a hint of vanilla, clove, spicy cinnamon, crisp apple, and woody oak flavors.

The Jura single malt gives a rounded experience for an entry-level whisky.

The Signature Jura single malts brand was relaunched in mid-2018. The Jura Journey is supposed to introduce you to the world of Jura signature single malts.

The Isle of Jura signature brand brings in a dynamic new flavor profile. The single malt is matured in American white oak and brings in subtle smokiness in the flavor.

The bottle received a facelift and looks taller and sophisticated.

Since the Jura Journey is matured in ex-bourbon barrels you are guaranteed maximum sweetness, full-body, and spice.

Jura Journey Whiskey (Our Review)

Overall Assessment

“It’s the journey, not the destination that shapes us”. This whisky truly lives up to this statement.

The Jura Journey takes you to a simple but sophisticated flavor destination and does not need to be rushed to be appreciated.

The flavors change from sweet to spicy oak wood. The Jura Journey effortlessly translates from the nose to the palate and brings up flavors you would have experienced during the nosing.

The Journey of the Jura is more than worth it for the destination it takes you to on an entry-level budget.

Jura Journey is produced from a small Scottish island famous for having one distillery and one road.

The Journey bottle of Jura is an uncomplicated introduction to the Jura signature range which combines peated and unpeated spirit.

The bottle was relaunched in 2018 and now comes slimmer, but the mouth is wide. Probably indicating that this bottle of Jura is more likely to run quickly and be an at-home go-to for guilt-free cabinet drinking. 

The Jura Journey is a contender for being a crowd-pleaser. Although geared more towards

the beginner whiskey drinker, the seasoned whiskey drinker will enjoy elements of this Jura bottle.

It is exciting to know that the Jura Journey is bottled with no added color and at 40% ABV. Chill Filtration is not used during the bottling process.


  • Best entry-level whisky for the discerning new whiskey drinker.
  • Great value for money for a guilt-free drinking experience.
  • Dynamic yet simple and soft flavor profile.
  • Aged in American oak ex-bourbon barrels.


  • No age-specific and the number of refills is not specified.
  • Medium to short finish.

Detailed Analysis

This section will cover the intrinsic details that make the Jura Journey worth your penny. We will cover the flavor profile, the aroma to the nose, and the finish.

We will also cover the price range of the Jura Journey and the production process.

The Color

The Jura Journey comes in a light golden color with hints of pale auburn on close inspection.

The Aroma

When you first sniff the Jura Journey, an earthy note will come through. When you let the scent unfold with deep and intentional sniffs, it will change. The initial high note is going to be a hint of peat.

The peat slowly translates into a honey-vanilla scent that lingers longer.

The finishing scent is a fruity and damp wood note. It feels like you are tucked in cozy in a highlands cabin on a rainy day. Nectarines, buttery apples, and toffee are the last scent destination the Jura single malt will take you to.

The Flavor

The style of the flavor of the Jura Journey boasts a lot of body and sweetness. Richness comes through and hints of smoke gently touch your palate.

The taste closely lines up with the nose. Soft peat comes through, followed by a rush of honey-like vanilla. The vanilla lingers in the background of your taste buds.

The Jura Journey changes into a buttery apple, toffee, and clove flavor notes.

If you give each flavor note time to wash over, you will capture cacao hints. The cacao hints fade into an abyss of oak spiciness.

The Jura Journey gives you an above-average finish for a basic whiskey. The finish is crisp and medium length with a touch of woodiness.


Distillery and whiskey-making tradition runs through the island of Jura, and its peoples of only 200 inhabitants.

The single malt scotch whisky of Jura journey is matured in American white oak that was previously used as bourbon barrels.

Whyte & Mackay is an iconic beverage manufacturer in Scotland, the Philippines, and the world at large.

It is exciting to know that this bottle of single malt comes from an esteemed manufacturer who has mastered the craft dating back to 1844.

Although other major production details are not public, it is without a doubt that the experience of the  Jura Journey will be profound.

Serving Suggestions

Jura single malt may be enjoyed neat in a tumbler glass. If desired, get creative and use Jura Journey as the whisky of your choice for home cocktails and alcoholic beverages.

There is no right or wrong way to enjoy whisky, do what floats your Jura Journey boat and enjoy the tasty quality single malt.

As long as you are mindful that whatever you add will change the flavor profile of your whisky.

The Price

The Jura Journey is at an affordable price. It can be purchased for below $45 in the United States and below £35 in the United Kingdom.

It is available in top local retailers and online stores.


Jura Journey is a delightful average whiskey that could take you on an above-average flavor Journey.

This is the gatekeeper to the Signature Isle of the  Jura brand. Give it a try, it will be memorable for all the right reasons.

The Jura Journey is simple but layered with flavors of the distinct sweetness of vanilla, buttery apple, spice, nectarines, and damp wood.