What Is Anejo Tequila? The Definitive Guide to Anejo Tequila

What Is Anejo Tequila

Unlike other types of tequilas, the Anejo tequila is specifically crafted to be enjoyed and savored all by itself.  When most people hear tequila they immediately think of margaritas or the shot they hope that one friend does not order for the group.  The Anejo breaks this mold by bringing in robust flavors and smells … Read more

George Strait Codigo 1530 Anejo Tequila Review

codigo 1530 anejo review

If George Strait tells me to try a certain drink, I’m going to give it a try.  If he produces an entire song about it, I’m going to buy an entire bottle, even if it does cost north of $100.  Not all celebrity tequilas are worth the price tag that gets attached but Codigo 1530 … Read more

Herradura Anejo Tequila Review

I am torn on this Herradura Anejo Tequila review.  Herradura prices their Anejo in the moderate range; premium Anejo is routinely offered in the $100 range.  Herradura ages this Anejo an incredible 25 months in white oak barrels.  This is longer than most Anejos are aged and their patience shows in the overall quality of … Read more

1800 Anejo Tequila Review

I was eager to get my hands on this bottle of 1800 Anejo tequila to review. 1800 is such an iconic and well-known brand of tequila, that is often featured as the signature tequila in specialty margaritas.  Its well-deserved usage in premium cocktails is well deserved because of its consistent quality of production.  1800 uses … Read more