Johnnie Walker Blue Label Review, Price & Taste Test

Johnnie Walker Blue Label

If you’re at all familiar with Johnnie Walker Blue Label, you’ll know that it’s tasty, expensive, and difficult to find. Even some of the most seasoned whisky drinkers haven’t had the opportunity to taste this illustrious blend. But if you’ve never tasted Blue Label, it’s a lot to ask to pay for an entire bottle … Read more

The Rock’s Tequila Brand – Is Teremana Tequila Good?

The Rock's Tequila

The Rock’s Tequila – Most of us grew up with Dwayne Johnson entertaining us as a wrestler or actor. By launching Teremana, The Rock expressed his passion for tequila.  Teremana tequila is becoming well-known for its great taste and affordability. Teremana has its origins in the Mexican love for tequila.  The taste is smooth and … Read more

Johnnie Walker White Walker Review, Price & Taste Test

Johnnie Walker White Walker Review

The recent Johnnie Walker White Walker is a limited-edition Scotch whisky made in collaboration with the HBO hit series “Game of Thrones”.  In this review, we unpack everything you need to know about this whisky. Including detailed analysis of the production, taste, aroma, finish, and price. If you’re wondering whether this Johnnie Walker edition lives … Read more

What Is Proof For Alcohol? How Does The System Work?

Alcohol Proof

What is proof for alcohol? If you’ve found yourself confused about the label on liquor bottles, you’re not alone. Why do they put the ‘Proof’ on there, when the alcohol content is already indicated? How does the system work? Is it necessary to include both values? Why do certain bottles have proof while others don’t? … Read more

Tanqueray Gin Review, Price, & Taste Test

Tanqueray Gin Review

A leader in its field for almost 200 years Tanqueray Gin has indeed set the bar for quality gin. In 2016 it became the highest-selling gin in the world. Over three million and nine liters of cases were sold that year. Proof that the originality embedded in Tanqueray Gin is timeless.  At retail stores, the … Read more

Roku Japanese Gin Review, Price and Taste Test

Roku Gin

Roku gin is not just any old gin certainly. But you may be wondering if it’s worth the price tag. Our review answers this and other questions you have about this gin. We talk about what it really tastes like. Roku Japanese Gin is made by Osaka Distillery in Japan. They have more than a … Read more

Is Tequila a Stimulant?

Is Tequila a Stimulant?

People often talk about tequila as a stimulant, suggesting that it is an ‘upper spirit.’ It’s got a reputation as a party drink. The hype surrounding tequila makes sense with people doing typical tequila shots with lemon and salt or sipping on foot-long Margaritas on a trip to Vegas. No wonder we think of it … Read more

Old Forester 1920 Prohibition Style Bourbon Review

Old Forester 1920 Prohibition Style Bourbon Review

During the prohibition, Old Forester was one of six distilleries licensed to bottle bourbons. This was for medicinal purposes. In 2015, they released a bourbon-based on their prohibition recipe. A massive hit, this bourbon became a bourbon lover’s favorite. But does it live up to all the fanfare? We’ve done the hard work of finding … Read more

Old Elk Wheated Bourbon Review

Old Elk Wheated Bourbon Review

Old Elk Wheated Bourbon is crafted using the minimum amount of corn required to be classified as ‘bourbon’ and then turning up the dials on the wheat. With a mash bill that consists of 51% corn, 4% malted barley, and 45% wheat, you get an incredible level of smoothness. Proof: 92 ABV: 46% Color: Copper … Read more

Best Speyside Scotch Whisky

Best Speyside Whisky

We have rounded up nine of the best Speyside Scotch whisky’s available. With over 50 distilleries in the Speyside Region of Scotland, it’s difficult to know which ones to choose. As a whisky drinker, you may be familiar with some of the well-known brands. However, some lesser-known distilleries have excellent whiskies to offer as well. … Read more

Rock Hill Farms Bourbon Review

Rock Hill Farms Bourbon Review

Buffalo Trace Distillery produces Rock Hill Farms Single Barrel Bourbon and is named after a beautiful ranch on the Kentucky River. Rock Hill Farms was first released about 30 years ago. It became rare over the past decade and has recently reappeared. The rebirth of this high-proof classic is exciting news in the bourbon world. … Read more

Best Wheated Bourbons

Best Wheated Bourbons

Wheated bourbons age beautifully in oak barrels for up to 20 years. They develop the delicious, sweeter flavors of caramel, vanilla, honey, and sometimes butterscotch. The rye generally used in bourbon is replaced with wheat. What is wheated bourbon? To get an idea of the effect this has, think of the difference between baking with … Read more

What Is Wheated Bourbon?

What Is Wheated Bourbon

Whiskey connoisseurs have been muttering about Wheated Bourbon for years. This enigmatic brew is hard to come by and will set you back a dollar or two. Still, once you’ve had it, you’ll understand all the hype. But what is wheated bourbon, and why is it so coveted? We’re here to help explain. Wheated Bourbon … Read more

Jefferson’s Very Small Batch Bourbon Review

Jefferson’s Very Small Batch Bourbon is a mouthful in every sense of the word. If you’ve heard of Jefferson’s Bourbon, you’ve no doubt heard of their Small Batch brew. A bottle of Small Batch can run you anywhere between $29 and $45, so it’s a good idea to get an idea of what it is … Read more