Tanqueray Gin Review, Price, & Taste Test

A leader in its field for almost 200 years Tanqueray Gin has indeed set the bar for quality gin.

In 2016 it became the highest-selling gin in the world. Over three million and nine liters of cases were sold that year. Proof that the originality embedded in Tanqueray Gin is timeless. 

At retail stores, the bottle goes for approximately $23 to $26 per 750ml of Tanqueray London dry gin. Certainly a competitive price for this classic! 

They are sold in 1-liter bottles as well, convenient when entertaining large groups.

Tanqueray Gin (Our Review)

Overall Assessment 

Originating in London, Charles Tanqueray launched Tanqueray Gin in the year 1830. Production remained in London for many years until it had outgrown the city. The company then relocated to Scotland in the 1980s where it remains today.

Using only four botanicals, Charles Tanqueray developed an ingenious recipe. He combined the following ingredients to make the infamous Tanqueray Gin.

The first ingredient and undoubtedly the star of this recipe is the juniper berry. These high-quality berries are sourced from Tuscany for this exceptional spirit. Before using it, it is aged for about two years. The aging process of this fruit helps reduce the water content and as a result, makes it perfect for the recipe.

Next, we have coriander seeds that add the citrus flavor. These are sourced from the Balkan region where they are very popular in the cuisines of the Middle East. 

Angelica root is the third ingredient and considered to be a very important one as it controls the bitter-sweet balance in this mixture.  

And last is the licorice root sourced from China. Licorice root is naturally sweet as is in fact known to be fifty times sweeter than sugar.

Each ingredient brings individuality yet when combined, it is well-measured. 

This recipe is a clear demonstration that less, is more.

Tanqueray gin undergoes a four-step distilling process and to qualify as a London dry the distilling process is strategic. 

Only natural botanicals and neutral alcohol of 96% ABV (Alcohol By Volume) may be used for distillation of a London Dry. Nothing can be added thereafter except water and a minimum limit of 37.5% alcohol is required.

To start the Tanqueray Gin process they combine demineralized water, (gns) grain neutral spirits, and the botanical ingredients. 

The still then gets heated which allows the vapors to travel through the copper pipes to the condenser which then turns it back into a liquid. The quality is then assessed every hour by checking the alcohol strength to which they add water as the final step.

The original recipe of Tanqueray Gin remains untouched to date to which we are sure you would agree, is quite impressive.

With the juniper being quite dominant in gin, it is advised to rather not have it straight-up. Each to his own of course, but for that reason, the spirit is widely used as a cocktail base such as the famous Martini.

The gin is usually enjoyed with a tonic because the molecules in these beverages naturally attract one another making the two a perfect marriage. 

With that said, drinkers of this gin are said to be more energetic and interesting individuals. Trendsetters who add the cool factor to the room with their creative gin cocktails.


  • Competitively priced
  • Great for cocktails
  • Nostalgic
  • Authentic recipe


  • Saturated market

Detailed Analysis 

When doing a gin tasting key factors to consider would be the appearance, how it smells, tastes, and the experience it leaves behind.

With this particular review, we would expect a solid performance from this global brand while anticipating a premium look and feel.

On the nose, we will be observing the intensity of the juniper berry expecting it to ignite our senses. 

The Palate refers to how well the ingredients fuse and the overall taste.

The finish refers to the impression left after the tasting. That being, was the experience pleasant, or harsh, or is there room for improvement?


We chose a Copa glass for this tasting which is just a style preference. The liquid is as clear as water. When you give it a swirl, the thin layer clings to the glass eventually forming droplets that slowly make their way to the bottom.


On the nose, you are hit with the powerful scent of the juniper berry. It almost completely takes over the experience leaving the citrus of the coriander, very subtle.

The aroma ignites the feeling of summer, a welcoming scent.


To get the full flavor of Tanqueray we try our first sip neat. 

As you hold it in your mouth for a few seconds, it is obvious that Charles Tanqueray was quite distinctive with the gin taste he wants you to experience. The fusing of flavors defines a classic gin.

The juniper is bold leaving the citrus of the coriander to creep in after the fact. The sweetness of the licorice is almost non-existent which means the angelica root has served its purpose. The juniper in this gin is as prominent in taste, as it is in smell.

For the second sip, we fill our glass with ice and pour another shot of Tanqueray Gin.

The juniper taste is now way less intense leaving room for the citrus to shine through a bit more.

For our third sip, we fill our glass with ice once again, a shot of Tanqueray gin, and this time around we add a tonic. As you sip, your taste buds are ignited by the flavors.

The burst of flavor is refreshing and already has you wanting more. The coldness of the ice along with the berry, and the citrus, and bitterness of the tonic, is a beautiful combination. 

We can honestly say that this drink has gotten better with every sip we tasted.


The Tanqueray Gin is luxuriously smooth and leaves the finish to be pleasingly refreshing.


This is a well-rounded and authentic classic gin. 

After reviewing it is quite clear why Tanqueray Gin is a favorite for Mixologists. 

Amongst its competitors on the market, the simpleness of the recipe makes it a perfect principal ingredient leaving room for creativity when mixing those cocktails.

Tanqueray Gin can certainly bring any party to life and without a doubt our summer drink of choice. A gin that absolutely must be shared with friends and family.

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