Don Julio Reposado Review, Price & Taste Test

If you are looking for an incredibly smooth reposado on the market, then Don Julio Reposado is the drink for you.

This product is originally made in Mexico, with one hundred percent agave.

Its striking golden color and extremely smooth finish are what make this product rank as one of the most elegant barrel-aged tequilas you will find out there. This is our favorite type of tequila that Don Julio produces.

In this review, we will go over everything you need to know about Don Julio Reposado tequila and what you can expect in terms of the nose, taste, and finish of this luxurious alcoholic beverage.

So, without further ado, let’s get straight into what makes this one of the most sought-after brands of tequila in the United States of America.

Don Julio Reposado

Don Julio Reposado Bottle

Overall Assessment 

Don Julio Reposado is aged for eight months in American white-oak barrels; this is four times longer than standard practices.

It is a great-tasting tequila with a smooth finish.

The company was first started in 1942 by a seventeen-year-old boy named Don Julio Gonzalez. He was interested in manufacturing his very own brand of tequila.

What started as a passion for tequila making, quickly turned into a successful business for Don Julio when he was approved for a loan that helped him make his very first tequila distillery, La Primavera.

Don Julio began his tequila business by traveling by horse in order to distribute his tequila to the people of his town. 

Today, Don Julio Reposado is still manufactured in Jalisco.

His legacy is carried within the brand of his tequila. Each bottle that is produced and distributed today still echoes his burning passion for tequila making.

It is enjoyed at its best when it is served cool on a hot summer’s day or as part of a refreshing cocktail.

The flavors present in each bottle of Don Julio Reposado were first established in an experimental process. Don Julio continued to play around with different flavors until he developed this intense flavor profile present in the reposado today.

The bottle design was intentionally created by Don to be a short bottle, making it easier for people to share on the dinner table.

This design challenged the traditionally long and lean tequila bottles from his generation that were often kept away because its height was seen as a distraction at social gatherings.

To sum it all up, Don Julio Reposado is essentially the smoothest tequila that money can buy out there. It is a perfectly elegant drink that offers a lovely aroma and a tasteful experience in each sip that you take.


  • It is exceptional to use as a mixer in your cocktails or to sip on its own.
  • This silky tequila comes in a 750ml bottle and is priced at an affordable rate for consumers to purchase and enjoy. 


  • The slightly oak flavor that is present in the reposado may not be preferred by most consumers of this product.
  • Don Julio Reposado does also have a strong oak scent on the nose  
  • Takes between seven and ten years to make a bottle.

Detailed Analysis 

When we speak about the correct way to taste tequila, we refer to factors such as the nose, taste, and finish of the drink.

Just like a lot of other alcoholic beverages, this reposado is an acquired taste.

Most consumers of this product enjoy its pungent aromas and its silky soft finish.

The flavors generated in Don Julio Reposado are formed in temperature-controlled barrels and are made from a selection of tender Blue Weber agave plants that are hand-cut and steamed in a seventy-two-hour cycle per batch.

 Don Julio Reposado is fermented in stainless steel tanks.

The agave used to make this reposado is personally planted apart from one another. This allows sufficient space for it to properly grow before harvesting.

It takes roughly eight pounds of blue agave juice to make one single bottle of Don Julio Reposado. 

Below we analyze the details of the nose, taste, and finish that you can expect to find in each bottle of Don Julio Reposado.

The nose consists of all the different smells that one experiences when you swirl this drink in your tequila glass.

The taste, on the other hand, refers to the flavors that are dominant on your pallet within each sip that you take of this reposado.

And lastly, the finish deals with the textural experience of the drink


As soon as you take a whiff of Don Julio Reposado, you will notice the scent of lemon, spices, and some fruity notes that are present too.

This is a comforting smell that also offers hints of dried nuts, fruits, and a slight hint of caramel apple.

Other smells that can be picked up from this reposado include citrus, butterscotch, and even a smokey scent too. 


In each sip of this subtle drink, you will notice slight hints of dark chocolate, cinnamon, and of course the agave.

Some other popular flavors that are present in the taste of Don Julio Reposado include the woody oak taste, vanilla, honey, and caramel.

This flavor profile is a result of seven to ten years of agave harvesting. The agave plants used to produce Don Julio’s alcoholic beverages are grown in Jalisco.

This region is known to be one of the most fertile regions for growing agave in the west-central areas of Mexico.


Don Julio Reposado has a smooth finish.

Once you have swallowed this elegantly golden amber drink, you will notice the same flavor profile experienced in its taste stays present as this sweet nectar travels down your throat and into your body.

The finish of this reposado is long and sweet with a touch of caramel apple and a dried fruity taste.

There is a slight sort of pepperiness present in the finish too. Each sip of this luxurious drink should be savored.  


Overall, Don Julio Reposado is a good drink that fits perfectly as the alcoholic beverage of choice in almost all social settings.

The design of the bottle makes it easier to have placed neatly on a table without it causing anyone seated around the area to feel blocked out by the bottle.

We would recommend this drink to anyone who is looking for something extra to add to their cocktail or to pour chilled serve on the rocks to your guests at your next dinner party.

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