Metaxa 12-Star Review, Price & Taste Test

If you’ve never tried Metaxa spirits, then it’s safe to say that the new Metaxa 12-Star is the perfect introduction.

Metaxa brandy certainly stands out in a category of its own. Created by Spyros Metaxa in 1888, this unique spirit is a blend of Muscat wines and wine distillates with a secret mix of Mediterranean herbs.

The 12-Star is perfect for a warm, fireside treat or a refreshing summer evening cocktail.

Let’s dive in for a taste test of the latest Metaxa release.

Metaxa 12-Star (Our Review)

Overall Assessment

The Metaxa spirit is a Greek blend of wine and brandy, with several unique grape varieties. It features Muscat wine as well as a secret mix of Mediterranean floral extracts. 

The greeks are famous for their spirit, Ouzo, but this is a VERY different drink!

Metaxa sources its Muscat grapes from the island of Samos, which has produced hand-tended grapes since Ancient Greek times.

This stylish brand has been around since the late 19th century. The 12-Star is the latest addition to the range. With its deep copper color, this elegant drink is both classy and tempting.

The Metaxa 12-Star is similar to brandy, but with a slight difference. It consists of a rich floral sweetness that differs from the subtler flavors you might find in brandy or a Scotch. This is because Metaxa has added in its secret mix of botanicals, including herbs and rose petals.

The sweetness of fruits and rose petals is complemented by a darker taste of chocolate or coffee. This creates a beautifully well-balanced flavor. Thanks to this rich combination, you get to enjoy a smooth aftertaste of floral and fruit.  

The 12-Star certainly has an interesting aroma to go with. Its rose scents are inviting to the nose, as well as the hint of dark coffee richness. 

This blend of brandy has matured for up to 12 years alongside the Muscat wine of Samos. With its 40% ABV, you will certainly feel the alcohol in your drink.

The Metaxa is a deliciously smooth spirit served either on the rocks, long or in a cocktail mix.


  • Well-balanced and smooth taste
  • Rich in fruity flavor and aroma
  • Quality 40% alcohol volume
  • Warming and intense
  • Well-priced quality drink


  • A bit on the sweet side if you don’t enjoy fruity flavors

Detailed Analysis of the Metaxa 12-Star

Metaxa products are a range of blends matured at different years. Released in September 2011, the Metaxa 12-Star is a blend of three key ingredients.  

This youngest spirit has a 12-Star label as it sits to mature for a minimum of twelve years. While some might sit for even longer, no 12-star bottles have sat for any less. 

The final blend sits for one year to mature in oak barrels. After this, it gets filtered and bottled for storage. 

Thanks to its extra time to mature in the barrel, the 12-star has a richer and more interesting flavor to offer. 

Here are 5 criteria we assessed to review the Metaxa 12-Star blend.


The Metaxa 12-star has a well-balanced and fruity taste to offer. Its honeyed sweetness is effortlessly balanced by its black pepper spiced dry oak. 

You will notice its pleasant floral notes throughout. Very fruity with ripe apricot, peach, raisins, plums, and dried fruit. A soft honey sweetness balances out the black pepper-spiced toasty oak.

Even the aftertaste has plenty of warm flavors to offer. A pronounced black pepper spiced finish emerges in the long fruity taste. This is followed by a faint lingering of rose.

Metaxa 12 Star Review


The 12-Star offers an inviting aroma. Its scent is fruity on the nose, with hints of orange peel as well as coffee, chocolate, and toasted oak. 

This fruity smell makes the thought of pouring a glass even more appealing.


The Metaxa 12-Star spirit itself has an elegant appearance. It has a deep amber color, with radiant and coppery reflections.

The spirit comes packaged in a solid dark blue box. Inside the box, you’ll discover that the spirit comes in an equally handsome bottle. With the gold letters and a matching blue top, it certainly looks classy and very tempting.

Full range of Metaxa bottles
Full range of Metaxa bottles

Quality of Ingredients

Metaxa 12-Star features only the best quality ingredients in its rich blend. 

The blend includes aromatic Muscat wine. These grapes are from hand-picked vineyards on the slopes of Mount Ambelos on the Samos Greek Islands. 

A distilled brandy made from premium wine. These grapes originate from Savatiano, Koritnthiakos, and Sultanina grape varieties. 

Lastly, an infusion of Mediterranean herbs and rose petals is added. This finishes off the complex flavor combination. The blend is then left to mature for a minimum of 12 years in Limousin oak barrels.


For a drink with such high-quality ingredients, the price is certainly worth it. If you can find it, it should be priced between $39.99-45.

From the distillate aging to the sourcing of hand-tended grapes, the Metaxa 12 is a premium blend. 

How To Drink It

If you’re wondering how to drink Metaxa 12-Star, we recommend the following three official servings. 

The first way to serve Metaxa 12 is served on the rocks. A whisky glass of Metaxa 12 with one large chunk of ice is a perfect winter warmer. With a 40% ABV, you’ll be sure to feel the alcohol hit. 

Next, the 12-Star is served in a long glass. A mixer of your choice is added to your liquor, diluting the alcohol content. These first two options work beautifully as a fireside treat on a cold day.

The third way to enjoy Metaxa spirits is in a cocktail. Nothing beats a tall glass over ice, with cucumber and a twist of orange peel or lime zest. A Metaxa cocktail is perfect for a refreshing summer evening.

What Metaxa spirits are available?

Metaxa is available in several different versions. The Metaxa 5-Star, Metaxa 7-Star, and Metaxa 12-Star are the normal range of products offered.

The next line of products is the Metaxa Grande Fine, Metaxa Private Reserve, Metaxa Angels’ Treasure, and Metaxa Aen. These are the premium versions of the Metaxa Greek spirit. Each one has its own history and defining character.

What do the stars in Metaxa 12-Star represent?

The stars represent how many years the product has sat to mature. This means that the Metaxa 5-Star has matured for five years, while the Metaxa 7-Stars has matured for seven years. The Metaxa 12-Star is the most matured out of the three, sitting for 12 years to mature.
Having aged the longest, the 12-star will show off a rich and earthy flavor. Less mature Metaxa spirits tend to showcase a more fruity flavor.

Is Metaxa sold in the US?

Metaxa spirits are sold in over 50 countries. These include the US, Canada, China, and Australia.

What food pairing is best for Metaxa 12-Star?

The Metaxa 12-Star pairs well with a range of delicious foods.

Its fruity flavor goes well with beef, lamb, or pork. Creamy cheese or nutty and semi-firm cheeses go excellently with a fruity 12-Star blend. It is easily paired with desserts, ranging from chocolate and coffee to vanilla and caramel flavors.

How long is Metaxa good for?

A bottle of Metaxa usually lasts you from between 5 to 10 years once the bottle is open. All distilled spirits will have a similar shelf-life.

As long as your bottle of Metaxa is not not in any direct sunlight or heat then it will be perfectly fine to sit for several years.