Ron White Tequila Review – Is Number Juan Good Tequila?

All tequila drinkers know that the famous Ron White tequila brand is a good alcoholic drink.

It has a unique balance of flavors on the pallet and offers a hint of citrus and fruit notes too. It is unlike any other brand you can find on the market.

They produce Number Juan tequila from 100% blue weber agave. The Number Juan range has three types of tequila, Blanco, Extra Anejo, and Reposado.

Below we discuss how good the brand is and its range of products.

Number Juan Tequila Review 

What makes this brand so good is that it has a smooth finish.

It also has a beautiful aroma on the nose and is an enjoyable sipping drink.

The bottle’s design is in the shape of a piña and the color of the alcohol in each bottle is magnificent.

The tequila color from this brand varies between a crystal-clear color and an amber-brown hue.

The color of Number Juan tequila in each bottle gives us an idea of how they aged it and for how long.

All consumers will appreciate that it is affordable too.

The Number Juan brand launched in 2013 by Ron White and Alex Reymundo.

The idea came about when they found a distillery in Mexico which was making exceptional quality tequila.

They began to brand this tequila as Number Juan Tequila and sold it in the United States. 

Ron White Tequila Company
Ron White


The exceptional flavor profile found in each bottle has influences from the barrel they fermented it in. We go into more detail in their flavors below.

The aroma and finish display their level of passion poured into each bottle.

This is what makes it a superior quality of tequila.


Number Juan ranks at a standard price range compared to other popular tequila brands.

It tastes good and you do not have to worry about breaking the bank for a bottle of this tequila.

You can grab this premium spirit anywhere at an affordable price.

This is good considering its particular aging process. 


The Number Juan range includes the Blanco, Reposado, and Extra Añejo.

Number Juan Extra Añejo is best served neat and in small doses.

The Blanco is the most favored from the range because of its smooth finish.

It is great to have on the rocks or mixed into your favorite cocktail.

Last, but not least, the Reposado. It has an earthy agave nose.

This range is perfect for consumers who like to share a bottle of tequila with friends and family.

Best Number Juan Tequila’s

Number Juan tequila gets produced from a rare plant called the blue weber agave.

It has an intricate harvesting process, and it gets produced from only natural spring water.

This makes the brand an outstanding product hailing from Mexico. 


The silver Blanco is a wonderful example of a tequila made using Jalisco’s exceptional agave.

It’s one of the smoothest Blanco you’ll ever have.

It is fragrant and has light, clear flavors thanks to the double distillation process.

The Number Juan Blanco can be served on its own and it is a perfect base for any cocktail mix.

It has a peppery undertone in the mouth and a tiny burn as it fades down the throat.


The floral and natural flavors of Number Juan Reposado set it apart from the other two tequilas of the brand.

It spends nine months aging in French and American white oak barrels.

The reposado is flavorful and packed with an earthy agave aroma.

The agave adds bitterness and spice to the aftertaste.

Extra Anejo

Oak, vanilla, black pepper, and touches of caramel and fruit are among the flavors found in the Number Juan XA.

The taste of the spices used in the Extra Añejo stays in the throat and is present in the alcoholic drinks.

The pepperiness of the Extra Añejo is quite delicate, with no heat at all, which will appeal to most consumers.


Number Juan Tequila is an extraordinary alcoholic drink founded and owned by celebrity comedian Ron White

The Number Juan brand looks to be a winner in every way.

It is a good brand of tequila that you can get your hands on at a reasonable price.

If you’re a fan of Ron, you’re aware that he drinks Scotch and smokes a cigarette during his comedy acts.

Be like Ron and get Number Juan Tequila the next time you’re out with pals or you want a good alcoholic beverage.

We recommend sipping it straight or with a lime wedge if you like it that way.

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