Surely Wine Review, Price & Taste Test

Surely Wine, if you haven’t heard of it yet, you surely are missing out.

Surely Wine stylishly entered the market in 2020 and now completely steals the limelight in its category.

Known as one of the only non-alcoholic beverages that actually tastes like real wine.

And best you believe it, because if you don’t love their wine, Surely offer a 100% refund. 

The co-founders partnered with the best winemakers in Sonoma and use only the best grapes you can find in California.

So let’s dive right in and see what this beverage has to offer.

Surely Wine (Our Review)

Overall Assessment 

Non-alcoholic wine – what is the point right? 

Some people who are possibly addicted to alcohol find switching to non-alcoholic brands really difficult. And for others, drinking alcohol eases social awkwardness.

The idea for Surely Wine came about when co-founders Ryan and Justin sought a healthier lifestyle. They wanted to do it in a way that they could comfortably socialize with friends, family, and colleagues.

After 24 months of testing various low-alcohol brands, they discovered that the sugar content was still very high. And despite the lower ABV, the hangovers followed nonetheless. 

This left them determined to create a healthier alcohol alternative that won’t leave them feeling groggy. And this is when Surely Wine came to be. 

Surely Wine is great because the thought put into this product ticks all the boxes of society’s obsession with the idea of a healthier lifestyle. Everyone wants to be healthier but implementing the lifestyle change is easier said than done. 

But with Surely Wine there are no excuses.

This wine is made with organic grapes and all-natural ingredients. It is gluten-free, vegan, and keto-friendly so no harm is done to our beautiful animals. And bring on the diet or nutritional plan, absolute guilt-free consumption would be happening here.

There are no added sugars and small amounts of sulfites in Surely Wine. You can completely enjoy the taste of real wine without the hangover backlash and headaches one would usually experience.

Because Surely Wine tastes like real wine. you automatically feel more comfortable in a social setting.

We would suggest that wine lovers who are looking for a healthier beverage alternative, switch to Surely Wine. You still get the same great taste. It is fewer calories and you still get all the good health benefits normal wine has to offer.

Wine is alcoholized through a process of fermentation. Surely Wine undergoes the same process of making real sparkling rosé and real sparkling white wine. Then remove the alcohol from the wine. Leaving behind a non-alcoholic beverage that tastes exactly like wine.

The non-alcoholic drink space is currently booming, the NA beer market alone is projected to hit $26 billion by 2026. Ritual Zero Proof is creating alcohol-free spirits, their whiskey, tequila, rum, and gin alternatives have exploded in popularity this year.


  • Natural ingredients 
  • Low in calories 
  • Tastes like real wine
  • Gluten-free, vegan, keto-friendly


  • Can only be purchased online 
  • Young brand 
  • Only 2x flavors
  • Pricey

Detailed Analysis 

When doing a wine tasting key factors to consider would be the appearance, how it

smells, tastes, and what experience it leaves behind.

With this particular review, we would expect something modern as it is a young brand, and we would anticipate something desirable.

On the nose, we will be looking out for new combinations contributing to either a delicate aroma or perhaps one that is sharp and intense.

The palate refers to how well the ingredients blend. The wine extraction process involved in developing the taste for non-alcoholic wine is quite intricate. 

The finish refers to the impression left after the tasting. Is the experience pleasant, or harsh, or have they left room for improvement? Let’s find out.


When poured into a stemmed glass, both the sparkling rose and the sparkling white give the visual impression of champagne. The gorgeous bubbles automatically scream celebration.

It looks elegant and classy which fits in perfectly with weddings and other special occasions.

The cans are super convenient to pack and are great for picnic outings or when hitting the road for a long drive for a weekend away. 


On the nose, we get beautiful fruity aromas. The smell of guava is upfront along with juicy strawberries. The aroma is gentle and smells like summer in a glass. All we need now is a hammock and a good book.

Aromas of the sparkling white are peachy. We love champagne and it is exciting to know that there is a good non-alcoholic version. This sparkling white does not disappoint, it tastes just like real champagne.

Taste & Finish

On the first sip Surely Wine’s sparkling white flavors are complex yet delicious. It is slightly on the sour side though. 

On the second sip, a lemon flavor comes through. It is fresh and the peach taste that you experience is divine. There is a good balance of acidity in this beverage. 

If you have a sweet tooth, a bit more sugar would have done it, but nothing a pop of fruit can’t solve.

The Surely Wine Sparkling Rosé is certainly our favorite out of the two. 

Tastes of red fruit and juicy melon fill your mouth with flavor. They were not messing around when they said it tastes just like wine. The flavor is so well-balanced. It is as dry and crisp as the real deal. 

We really had our doubts thinking it would be yet another product trying to be something that it was not. Thankfully our thoughts were wrong.

The Surely Wine team has done such a great job, and we probably wouldn’t know the difference if we had this side by side with real wine. 


This elegant beverage can be purchased online at around $25 for a 750ml bottle.

It is also sold as a 6 pack of 355ml cans which sell at about $45 per pack. 

The price is a bit steep for a non-alcoholic beverage. But when you have a refund statement as bold as Surely Wine does, no doubt it is worth a try.


Surely Wine is truly the best alcohol-free wine we have experienced. It certainly exceeded expectations.

Bear in mind that it is perishable so keep it refrigerated. It is absolutely delicious when chilled and best enjoyed with some frozen berries. 

Definitely a treat for summer evenings sitting outside enjoying sunset views.

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